Transfer ribbons

Transfer ribbons or carbon ribbons are intended for thermal printers. We will help you choose the right high-quality transfer ribbon, because this depends on the printing equipment you use, the raw material on which the label is printed, and the purpose of the label.

Types of Carbon ribbons:
  • Wax-based – premium wax-based ribbon, characterized by high print resolution when printing small print, resistant to mechanical effects, suitable for printing on many materials: matte, glossy paper, cardboard, as well as films.
  • Wax-resin ribbon is resistant to abrasion, scratches and partial effects of chemicals. These ribbons are used for printing on glossy paper, matte or glossy cardboard, synthetic materials (PE, PP, PVC, etc.). Perfect for working with modern, fast, high-resolution printers.
  • Resin-based – the resin-based ribbon is extremely resistant and long-lasting. Excellent print quality, resistant to abrasion, the effects of chemicals, and temperature changes. Suitable for work with 600 dpi printers. It is recommended to print on synthetic materials PE, PP, PET, PVC. Not suitable for matte or glossy paper.