Adhesive labels
Adhesive label blanks
Colored adhesive labels
Labels for price marking guns
Aluminum foil seal discs
Price-marking guns
Thermo printers, impression and textile ribbons for printers
Adhesive packing tape
Adhesive labels

Different purpose labels:

Advertising labels
Information labels
Scale labels
Tapes for price markers
Blanks for printers

Labels of various adhesiveness:

Labels of low adhesiveness, easily removable - for marking synthetic surfaces, textiles, stationary, small presents and other products.

Multi-purpose labels with high adhesiveness glue meant for sticking on products, packing. Firmly stick to convex and uneven surfaces.

Labels for refrigerators, used on products stored in cold storage coolers: the label can be stuck on to the product of up to 20 C temperature and stored at temperature up to 40 C.

Labels with various stamps:

Trade mark, logo, products description, bar-code or any other information chosen.